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A bright future for people with CF

Advances in CF care mean people with cystic fibrosis (CF) are living healthier and more active lives than ever before—juggling busy schedules, careers and family.

A toolset to prepare for the future

CF R.I.S.E. helps people with CF gain the knowledge and skills they need as they grow up to more independently manage their CF. Our flexible toolset is designed for people with CF to use with their caregivers and care teams to support the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Ready to explore?

Learn more about a transition toolset designed specifically for people with CF, their parents and their care teams.

Tools & Resources

Once registration is completed, gain access to the Knowledge Assessments, Responsibilities Checklists and other tools which provide information on the disease and care needed.

CF Milestones

Review a timeline of recommended CF milestones a person with CF and a parent or support person can use to work toward as the child grows up.

Getting started with CF R.I.S.E.

Those living with CF and their families: please contact your care team for the clinic code to enroll in the CF R.I.S.E. program.

Care team members: to watch a brief, introductory overview webinar about the CF R.I.S.E. Program, click the LEARN MORE button below.

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Benefits for people with CF who register with CF R.I.S.E.

People with CF

Registered CF R.I.S.E. members can benefit from:

  • Knowledge Assessments to help you understand your disease, treatments, and the impact of your choices on your health
  • Responsibilities Checklists to help you learn to take responsibility for your care
  • Educational resources that are most relevant to you
  • Results History to help you track your progress over time
  • CF Milestones to work toward as you grow up

Member benefits for CF Care Teams icon
Benefits for CF Care Teams who register with CF R.I.S.E.

CF Care Teams

Registered CF R.I.S.E. care teams can access:

  • Patient History listing all current patients and their history of results
  • Patient Dashboard of Knowledge Assessments scores, including average clinic and national median scores
  • Educational Resources recommended by the Transition Advisory Council for your patients
  • CF Milestones to help you guide patients and families through the transition from pediatric to adult care

About CF R.I.S.E.

People living with CF can use this transition toolset to work with their parents and care teams to become more independent.