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About CF R.I.S.E.

CF R.I.S.E. offers a flexible yet thorough CF transition toolset built by a team of CF experts including physicians, allied healthcare providers and parents.

For People Living with CF:

CF R.I.S.E. gives you tools to better understand your disease. It helps you become more responsible for your care as you prepare for the transition from a pediatric to an adult care team

For Parents and Support Persons of People Living with CF:

CF R.I.S.E. provides a road map of CF-focused milestones for you and those living with CF, along with an educational toolset you can work on together

For CF Care Teams:

CF R.I.S.E. includes a helpful toolset to help you evaluate and track your patients’ CF knowledge and skills over time

Get a little perspective

Be part of the conversations between Will and his CF care team. See how CF R.I.S.E. has been a key tool in helping him understand and take control of his CF with the help of his care team.


CF R.I.S.E. At a Glance

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1. Login |

Access from a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer

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2. Assess |
  Test your knowledge & skills

Take Knowledge Assessments and check progress with Responsibilities Checklists

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3. Review |
  Learn more

View your results and customized educational information

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4. Set Goals |
  Formulate a plan

Review your results and set self-care goals

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5. Take Action |
  Review & work on goals

Execute all agreed-upon goals and contact your care team with questions

Endorsements & Accomplishments


  • Reviewed and approved by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF)’s Education Committee
  • Approved as OneCF Center LLC Smart Change initiative
  • Approved by the American Board of Pediatrics as a Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 Web-based Activity


  • Available in Spanish
  • Over half of the CF care centers in the United States have received program training to date
  • CF R.I.S.E. pilot program findings published in the December 2015 issue of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology

A successful transition takes time, planning, and partnership by the family, the CF care team, and the person living with CF.

Kristin Riekert, PhD
CF R.I.S.E. co-creator

As care teams, we have a responsibility to prepare our patients for the future.

Gregory Sawicki, MD, CF Center Director
Boston Children’s Medical Center

CF R.I.S.E. provides you with a fully comprehensive toolset. It covers every topic that you would need as a team to go over with the patient. And, it provides you with a way to track their progress.

Joan Decelie-Germana, MD, Pediatric CF Center Director
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York

Why Transition?

Parents can work toward transferring CF responsibilities to their child, and in turn, their child can grow into an independent young adult living with CF.